Disability Beyond Borders

The Trustees and Members of Disability Beyond Borders believe that everyone has the right to live a life with Dignity and Respect and has the right of Choice and Independence

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We need you to help us attain our Goals

In Ukraine there are more than 470,000 individual adults and over 88,000 children who urgently require wheelchairs and mobility aids, and have no means of obtaining them.  Our project in Ukraine is called 'Access Ukraine' where we donate wheelchairs and mobility aids to those in need.  A large part of our task is working with Disabled People, Disability Organisations as well as other Voluntary Sector organisations and Local as well as National Government in working to make the environment more accessible to disabled people.   

It is imperative that we enable disabled people to have their voice heard, have the ability to be mobile and to access the environment in which they live.  Everyone has the right to live a life with dignity and respect and with choice and independence.   Without the means to get about and to access the environment disabled people, without exception, become more isolated and as a consequence will suffer from a continuing deterioration of mental health.

It is imperative that we keep up the level and standard of work that we have undertaken but to enable us to fulfil these needs as fully as we possibly can we need your help. We rely predominately on public donations so we are grateful to supporters who wish to gift a donation of any amount to help disabled people in Scotland, in Ukraine and Elsewhere. 

Ukraine is a country where most of the citizens are living in dire poverty and there has been a bloody war raging in the East of the country since March 2014 with Russia who has already stolen Crimea from Ukraine. The people desperately need our help and we are ready to give that help. Please find  it in your hearts to donate to Disability Beyond Borders in extending the hand of international friendship to disabled people in Ukraine in desperate need.

Donate Your Used Wheelchair or Mobility Aid

If you have a used wheelchair or mobility aid, such as a rolator or walking frame, that is in good condition there is a possibility that we could put some extra value to your unused wheelchair by donating it to a disabled person in need in Ukraine.

Many disabled people in Ukraine have no means of getting around so your unused wheelchair could make a considerable difference to a persons life and the lives of their relatives and friends.

So if you live within a reasonable distance from Perth Airport Business Park and have a wheelchair or mobility aid that is in good condition please give us a call or contact us on our contact page and we will work with you to put your unused wheelchair or mobility aid to good use.

Please Contact us or go to our donations page if you would like to contribute to the work we carry out to benefit disabled people in Scotland, Ukraine and Elsewhere.

Disability Beyond Borders in a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. SC044849