Disability Beyond Borders

Get Involved with Our Disability Charity and Make a Difference by Becoming a Member

Simply join Wheelchairs for Ukraine, a registered disability charity in Scotland if you would like to make an ongoing contribution to our cause. When you become a member of our charity, you will receive updates about the charity's work and our progress in making life easier for disabled people.

Refurbishing Older Models of Wheelchairs

At Wheelchairs for Ukraine we accept old and used wheelchairs from individuals throughout the UK. Even if you have an old wheelchair that you wish to get rid of, we are happy to accept it. By refurbishing and recycling older wheelchairs, we contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Where possible, we try to employ and train people who also have disabilities. Additionally, we are developing a work experience programme for disabled fifth- and sixth-year students.

Become a Valued Member of Our Charity

If you wish to become a member of our charity, please download our membership form here and return it to the following address:

Keith Robertson
General Manager, Wheelchairs for Ukraine c/o
6 Elmvale


Ethos that the charity and our members believe in

When filling out our membership form, you will agree to specific conditions. We have outlined these below:

A. In doing so I agree and support the principles and aims of promoting equality and diversity by providing, free of charge, manual wheelchairs and other mobility aids to the many disabled people resident in Ukraine and other countries. These individuals otherwise have no means to gain or improve their mobility to enable them to take a more active role in their community and live a life with dignity, respect, choice, and independence.

B. In creating employment for disabled people in Scotland and providing wheelchairs and aids for disabled people in Ukraine, we will assist in improving and promoting better physical and mental health to all disabled people who work for or benefit from Wheelchairs for Ukraine.

C. Give advice and guidance on matters of disability and access to other organisations and Governments to enhance the life chances of disabled people.

D. Contribute to the relief of life restrictions of disabled people by working with other organisations to ensure the standard, delivery, and security of wheelchairs and mobility aids to those in most need in their respective communities.

E. In becoming a member of Wheelchairs for Ukraine I agree to treat other members, employees, trustees, and everyone I come in contact with as a member with dignity, respect, and consideration without prejudice.

Please Contact us or go to our donations page if you would like to contribute to the work we carry out to benefit disabled people in Scotland, Ukraine and Elsewhere.

Wheelchairs for Ukraine in a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. SC044849