Disability Beyond Borders

Dedicated to improving the lives of disabled people at home and abroad

In Scotland and throughout the UK we are fortunate enough to have access to the facilities that enable us to be more included in society.  In Ukraine, however, it is a different story where much of Ukraine’s disabled population is in desperate need of wheelchairs and mobility aids.  Disability Beyond Borders is a Scottish registered incorporated disability charity.  We are dedicated to helping disabled people to live a life with dignity and respect with the choice and independence that many take for granted.  The work that we do helps disabled people become valued members of their society and communities and gives the means to help eliminate isolation that so many disabled people have to endure.

Backed by Our Loyal Charity Supporters

Many disabled individuals who do not have access to the mobility they need become isolated in their homes, or even institutionalised. By supporting our charity either by donating or becoming a member, you will be able to prevent these undesirable outcomes while also offering disabled people independence.   At our charity, we rely on supporters to make a donation that will fund wheelchairs, equipment and training.   We depend on your generosity to enable us to help those in desperate need in Ukraine, in Scotland and other countries.

Please Donate to Our Disability Charity

As a charity that depends on public donations, we appreciate any assistance we receive from our supporters. Thanks to your help, we are able to provide much-needed wheelchairs and mobility aids to the people of Ukraine. Please go to our Donations page to make a donation. If you are a UK taxpayer, the gift aid we receive on our donation will ensure we are given money from the government to.  With your gift aid, our work goes further.

Committed to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

In Scotland, it is both our desire and responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. To do this while making a difference to the lives of disabled people, we must take a sustainable approach to our work. By donating your old or used wheelchair or mobility aid to our charity, you allow us to carry out environmentally friendly practices. We refurbish your used wheelchair or mobility aid and send it to those in need in Ukraine who have no means of mobility.

Refurbishing Wheelchairs Benefit Others

If you choose to donate your used/old wheelchair or mobility aid to us we will refurbish it in to a new condition before shipping it with other wheelchairs and mobility aids to help disabled people in need in Ukraine. Please get in touch if you have an old or used wheelchair or mobility aid, whether it is electric or manual. We will do our best to collect it from you at a time and place that suits you. However, please be mindful we are limited at present on how far we can travel to be able to collect, but we will always try our best to accommodate.

Please Contact us or go to our donations page if you would like to contribute to the work we carry out to benefit disabled people in Scotland, Ukraine and Elsewhere.

Disability Beyond Borders in a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. SC044849