Disability Beyond Borders

About Wheelchairs for Ukraine

At Wheelchairs for Ukraine, we are a recognised, established disability charity in Scotland Primarily, we provide brand-new and refurbished wheelchairs to those in desperate need, and who have little or no quality of life because they do not have means to be mobile.

The Aims and Beliefs of Our Disability Charity

At our charity, we believe passionately in equality for all disabled people. To achieve that aim, we must extend our international hand of friendship to those who have no means of mobility or integration into their communities. By making a donation to the Scottish-registered charity Wheelchairs for Ukraine, you will help others to move past the barriers in society that otherwise make living a quality life impossible.

Helping Ukraine’s Forgotten Children

From figures taken from the World Health Organization and United Nations Development Fund, we know that there are 370,000 adults and 88,000 of Ukraine’s forgotten children in need of wheelchairs. We an inclusive organisation that brings real benefit to disabled people in Ukraine, Scotland, the economy, and the environment by:

- Employing and training disabled people in Scotland, whenever possible disabled veterans.

- Contributing to reducing the carbon footprint by recycling used manual wheelchairs for shipment to Ukraine. We pay real wages for a real job for disabled people in Scotland.

- Currently, we are putting a work experience programme for disabled fifth- and sixth-year school students in place. This is designed to give them confidence and a skill-set to either go on to employment or higher education.

Help Others by Getting Involved

At our charity, we are dedicated to providing wheelchairs for those who have no means of getting one. We step in where there is no wheelchair provision or healthcare service in countries that are more disadvantaged than the UK. In Ukraine, disabled people are excluded from society because of their inability to be mobile. When you make a donation to our charity you directly help others to live their life with dignity and independence.

Please Contact us or go to our donations page if you would like to contribute to the work we carry out to benefit disabled people in Scotland, Ukraine and Elsewhere.

Wheelchairs for Ukraine in a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. SC044849